We adhere to a set of basic qualifications, outlined below, that every tenant must meet in order to be approved for a lease. Please note that meeting these requirements does not guarantee that your application will be approved.


– Monthly gross household income must be 3x the monthly rent or other housing assistance must be available.

– Income cannot be combined between more than 2 individuals and both individuals must live in the home.


– Primary applicant must be currently employed and provide 2 years of work history or proof of other income sources.

– If employer requires a fee for employment verification, the applicant must cover this fee before moving forward in the application process.

Rent History

– Past 3 years of residence history without gaps.

– Favorable references from previous landlords or proof of home ownership.

– No inexcusable rent defaults, damage to property or other contract breaches.

– No previous evictions.

Credit History

– A credit record containing regular failure to make prompt payments, outstanding utility bills or other defaults of financial obligations will disqualify you. Medical bills are excluded.

– A bankruptcy within the past 5 years will disqualify.

Criminal background

– Failure to disclose a past felony on the application will disqualify you.


Standard Lease Terms

  1. No smoking

  2. Each adult planning to live in the home must complete an application form and provide a non-refundable $35 screening fee

  3. Minimum 1 year (12 month) lease required

  4. First month payment and full deposit due upon signing of lease

  5. Additional $100 deposit for pets, $25 per month for each pet

  6. No dogs permitted in multi-family homes (duplex), male pets must be neutered.

  7. No more than 2 people per bedroom will be allowed to live in the home


Time Frame: Please allow (5) business days for the screening process to be completed and your application approved. You will receive a phone call or email within this timeframe to inform you if your application was approved or not. Once the application fee is paid to the screening company, it will not be refunded for any reason, even if your application is denied.

We look forward to working with you!